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Vanilla Pecan Old Fashioned

Vanilla Pecan Old Fashioned

From: Christina Pesente, Lyons Cocktail Essentials Bar Chef. Yield: 1 serving.

2 oz. Makers Mark

½ oz. Cointreau

2 dashes of bitters

½ oz. Vanilla Pecan Simple Syrup (recipe follows)

Vanilla Pecan Simple Syrup:

2 cups brown sugar

1 cup water

2 vanilla beans, sliced lengthwise

1½ cups buttered pecans

For simple syrup: Combine 2 cups brown sugar to one cup water and simmer until sugar is dissolved. Add sliced vanilla beans to simple syrup mixture. Remove from heat and let cool with vanilla beans in the syrup for 1 hour.

Butter and toss pecans, then toast in the oven. Add pecans to cooled and strained vanilla bean simple syrup, bottle and store in the refrigerator. Test after 3 days for pecan flavor. At desired flavor point (about 6 days), strain simple syrup through cheesecloth and store in a tightly sealed glass bottle.

For cocktail: Place bitters and Vanilla Pecan Simple Syrup into an old fashioned glass. Add Makers Mark and Cointreau. Fill with ice and stir.