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Urban Switchel

Photo: Kelley Karnes

Vinegars have added complexity to cocktails such as shrubs and switchels since the 18th century. Here’s a contemporary version.

From: Mixologist Matt Tobey, District American Kitchen and Wine Bar, Phoenix.

11⁄2 oz. Arroyo Vodka
½ oz. apple basil vinegar*
½ oz. agave nectar
4½ oz. Hornsby’s Hard Amber Cider Beer
2 dehydrated apple chips

Add vodka, vinegar and agave nectar into a shaker and stir slightly. Pour over ice and top with hard cider. Garnish with two apple chips.

*For apple basil vinegar, fill a glass jar ¾ full with fresh apple slices, basil, figs and grapes. Fill jar completely with apple vinegar. Let jar sit tightly closed, refrigerated, for two months.

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