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Chatham Artillery Punch

Photo: Big Jones
From: Chef Paul Fehribach, Big Jones, Chicago. Adapted from a recipe published by Eugene Walter. Yield: 300-400 servings.

3 cups fresh-squeezed orange juice
3 cups fresh-squeezed lemon juice
4 oz. gunpowder green tea, steeped in 2 qt. cold water overnight, then strained
1 lb. dark brown sugar
3 bottles fruity, dry white wine
1 liter anejo rum
1 liter Christian Brothers VSOP
1 liter best bourbon
1 liter London Dry Gin
2 cups oleo-saccarhum*
12 bottles champagne, well-chilled

In a five-gallon bucket, combine orange and lemon juices, green tea and brown sugar, stirring with a long-handled stainless steel spoon to dissolve sugar. Add remaining ingredients and stir. Allow to stand for one week before finishing the punch, or store in an oak whiskey barrel, in which it will keep for months. After one week, either finish the punch with champagne and serve for a large party, or pour single servings over ice and top with champagne to taste.

To serve for large party, the best vessel is a large cedar tub. Fill with medium-small ice cubes if punch will be consumed quickly, as it is strong and the dilution will be appreciated. If it is to be enjoyed over several hours, use a few large blocks of ice to melt slowly yet keep the punch cold, along with small or crushed ice cubes to chill the punch quickly. Ladle punch into champagne flutes or punch glasses.

*Sugared oil punch-making ingredients made with citrus zest, sugar and fresh citrus juice.

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