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Liquid Riot Bottling Companys Chicken Skin Sliders

Best Sandwiches in America 2016: Chicken

Restaurant Hospitality received a record number of entries for this year’s Best Sandwiches in America contest, and the editorial staff narrowed them down to 17 finalists. See all winners >>

Winner: Chicken Skin Sliders

Restaurant: Liquid Riot Bottling Company, Portland, ME

Sandwich Creator: Chef Nick Krunkkala

Inspiration: To create something that was inexpensive and packed with a ton of flavor.”

Key Ingredients: Crispy fried chicken skin, Sour Trouble orange marmalade, pretzel bun.

Price: $11

Food Cost: $1.20

What the Judges Said: Why more chefs don’t utilize chicken skin the way Krunkkala does here is beyond us. What a crazy-cool idea. To offset the richness of the fried skins, he reduces fresh oranges in their own juices and a splash of slightly sour beer. The result is a not-to-sweet marmalade that provides a perfect counterpoint to the powerfully flavored skins. Yum!

Honorable Mentions:
• All American, Chips N’Ales, Norman, OK
• Chicken Katsu, State Park, Cambridge, MA
• Chick n’ Shack, Shake Shack, New York City
• Korean Fried Chicken, Red Star Sandwich Shop, Brooklyn, NY
• Honey Chicken & Pickles, Jacob’s Pickles, New York City

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