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The Power of Chefs: How Leaders in the Kitchen are Helping to Change the World

Tuesday, June 29, 2021 | 2:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time

With food now at the center of American culture, and the challenges of running restaurants highlighted by the traumas of the pandemic, chefs’ potential to effect change in the industry and within society as a whole has never been greater.

This panel will feature leading chefs who are pushing forward culinary innovation and also changing their communities for the better. Join us and hear from our chefs on:

  • How they are staying innovative & pushing boundaries in today’s environment
  • Ways to become involved and engaged in your communities
  • How the past year has changed and evolved the industry and what it’s like now
  • And more…join and ask these leading chefs your own questions.

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Simileoluwa Adebajo
Head Chef and Owner
Eko Kitchen


Rob Connoley
Owner and Chef


Gavin Kaysen
Chef and Founder
Soigné Hospitality Group


Bret Thorn - Moderator
Senior Food & Beverage Editor
NRN Restaurant & Food Group