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Put a fresh spin on blended beverages

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Put a fresh spin on blended beverages

Smoothies—those frothy, blended fruit drinks—have become a hit with consumers in the last five years. These refreshing drinks with endless flavor possibilities are popular with consumers looking for healthier treats or small, portable meals. With smoothie shops and restaurants in just about every segment offering an array of the better-for-you blended beverages, competition is as thick as a smoothie itself. To capitalize on diners’ desire for the delicious drink, operators are not only serving up popular flavors such as strawberry, banana and mango, but they’re also getting creative, exploring new flavors or concocting innovative combinations. One flavor trending of late is piña colada, a mix of pineapple and coconut. The pairing first appeared as part of the now-ubiquitous rum cocktail invented in the 1950s. While many operators are still mixing up traditional alcoholic piña coladas, though now more easily with pre-prepared smoothie mixes, these days pineapple and coconut are also showing up together in all manner of food and beverages—from coffee and tea to chocolates and cakes. Whip up this fresh, on-trend flavored smoothie and start watching the profits flow.

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