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This week's top 10: Some restaurants reclose out of caution while California and Texas roll back reopenings and some restaurants turn to UV light

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This week, restaurants grappled with rising coronavirus cases and increased regulations on indoor dining including the rolling back of reopenings in some states like California.

The states of Texas and Florida shut down dine-in services early in the week as cases of the coronavirus soared. Since reopening began in Texas, cases have risen by 10%. The state of California rolled back on-premise dining on Wednesday after allowing restaurants to reopen for dine-in operations.

In states where restrictions haven't been rolled back, restaurants have been making the tough decision to roll back reopening plans. Florida, Texas, Arizona, California and North Carolina have all seen dramatic rises in coronavirus cases since reopening began and owners in these states have voluntarily either closed completely fearing for employee safety or moved back to delivery and carryout only models. 

But some have remained open, using new technology to maintain cleanliness for customers and workers. UV light has become popular seemingly overnight for its supposed bacteria-killing powers, but do they work? Nancy Luna also investigates cold fog devices in the latest installment of Tech Tracker.

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