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This week's top 10: PPP extension passes, Momofuku Group, Punch Bowl Social and Ditka's are among restaurants to close locations

Tender Greens announces a new artist partnership, Nick Kokonas launches Tock 20 and more news

This week, more restaurants took their final bows.

National 27, Ditka's, Schreiner's and more have permanently closed as a result of the financial burden caused by coronavirus while early this week, Punch Bowl Social announced two store closures. 

But as some restaurants closed, others opened. This includes a number of restaurants that are now dealing with contact tracing and the problems that rise from tracing a deadly invisible disease. So, what should you do as an operator? Find out more.

Restaurant Hospitality also launched its inagural virtual event and digital resource center, Restaurants Rise. After a week of webinars featuring restaurant industry leaders, we presented our readers with tools from these operators to reopen and move into this world of the new normal including how to use technology, how to market in these new times and the importance of investing in people.

And Congress has approved the newest PPP Flexibility Extension, revealing some changes to the initial bill that will go into effect soon. See what they are here.

See what else was trending on Restaurant Hospitality this week.

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