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This week's top 10: How to properly clean your restaurant; new concepts defying the morning slump

Plus, a podcast with Commander's Palace co-owners Ti Martin and Lally Brennan

This week, the staff at Restaurant Hospitality provided an in-depth analysis for restaurants looking to sanitize and clean restaurants as new coronsvirus cases rise throughout the country.

Since the pandemic hit in March, restaurants have been focusing on curbing the spread of the deadly coronavirus by expanding sanitation of high-touch surfaces, adding barriers between tables, creating more outdoor seating, wearing masks and implementing strict distancing protocols.

But now the industry faces one more safety challenge recommended by health officials: cleaning indoor air. We did some in-depth research to help restaurant owners here.

And, from UVC lights that inactivate COVID particles on contact to a smart robot cleanser, restaurants are investing big time in new sanitization technologies to put customers at ease – but do they work? Find out what we learned here.

Also, we covered five new innovative breakfast concepts that are either growing or opening amid the pandemic. From the expansion of Blue Box Cafe, the Tiffany's restaurant, to a coffee shop/flower shop in Los Angeles to a womens-focused cafe in Las Vegas, these concepts are defying the pandemic breakfast slump. Learn more.

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