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This week's top 10: A disaster expert on preparing for a second wave, the restaurant players who got PPP loans, Chef Kwame Onwuachi leaves Kith/Kin

PPP loans get extended again, Union Square Hospitality Group to convert 3 venues to community kitchens and more trending stories

This week, one of our editors interviewed a disaster planning expert from FEMA on what to do about a possible second wave of COVID-19. Patrick Hardy, a certified emergency manager, certified risk manager, and FEMA master of exercise practitioner, speaks about the things a restaurant needs to be prepared including an emergency plan that covers employee engagement and improvements from the first wave's response.

And, in a little bit of help from the government, PPP loans were extended by Congress late last week.

The Small Business Administration released a list of businesses that received Paycheck Protection Program loans over $150,000. Earlier this year, some large public companies, like Shake Shack, faced backlash for applying for the loans, which are designed for small businesses without access to other sources of capital. The data showed that foodservice and accommodation companies received $42 billion through the program, about 8% of the $521.5 billon that had been approved up to that point. The businesses on the list can be found here. 

But it hasn't all been COVID-19 in the food and restaurant world. Six weeks after the death of George Floyd, the industry is still figuring out its response. Chef Kwame Onwuachi of Kith/Kin, for which he won a James Beard Award for Rising Star award, announced he would be leaving the restaurant that gave him his recognition in favor of opening up his own restaurant. Onwuachi cited that "something that profits off of Black and Brown dollars should be Black-owned” in his Instagram post announcing his resignation.

See what else was trending this week on Restaurant Hospitality.

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