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This week's top 10: Coronavirus causes mass layoffs across the U.S. restaurant industry plus new legal restrictions from states to the federal government

In more coronavirus related news, small businesses look to the government for aid, how to clean in case of a coronavirus case and more

This week was all about coronavirus. Officially named a pandemic by the World Health Organization and with exponentially increasing cases around the world and in the U.S., restaurants are beginning to feel the strain.

States across the country have closed restaurants and bars for dine in services but allowed them to remain open for delivery, takeout and drive thru for the time being. This also includes alcohol delivery in select states. A select few counties have begun to "shelter in place" which effectlvely ceases all non-essential businesses. President Trump proposed an economic stimulus package that included sending cash payments to all Americans making below a certain income amount. But, what about the restaurant industry?

Danny Meyer's Union Square Hospitality Group laid off 80% of its workers yesterday which amounts to over 2,000 employees after offering to pay for all employees coronavirus tests less than a week ago but before the state mandated restrictions went into place. Senior members of USHG as well as Meyer himself will reduce or eliminate their own salaries to keep as many employees on as possible. Is this the first of many? Today, Cameron Mitchell Restaurants announced the furlough of 4,500 employees so that would suggest it is.

What are some of the legal implications of mass layoffs? We analyzed it earlier in the week.

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