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This week's top 10: California launches cautious reopening plan, New York City approves extension of third-party delivery cap

How Atlas Restaurant Group CEO Alex Smith is expanding his hotel, Chef Marcus Samuelsson opens new seasonal rooftop bar and more trending stories.

This week, California launches a cautious reopening plan for dine-in service outlined by Gov. Gavin Newsom. Counties will be assessed weekly. To advance through the tiers, counties must meet the criteria for a less-restrictive tier for three weeks before advancing to the next stage. If they fail to meet the tier standards, they can also be moved back to a more-restrictive phase.

With 1,200 permanent closures in New York City, New York City officials have expanded a temporary cap on third-party delivery fees until restaurants can operate at 100% indoor capacity.

“While restaurants are struggling to keep their doors open and continue paying their staff, third-party delivery platforms have experienced a surge in use. Their business model continues to thrive under COVID, while restaurants continue to need help,” Councilman Mark Gjonaj said in a statement. 

Iam Williams, owner of Deadstock Coffee in Portland, Ore., explains how he combines sneakers and coffee into one interesting concept. 

“I wanted to be in a place where all of those people could hang out, and I couldn’t find it, so I just made it,” he said. “I wanted  to create a place where people could hang out and talk about shoes, that was street culture-inspired without being part of the footwear industry. … It’s also a brand-agnostic space.”

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