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HyCube-Hero.png Photos: Orlando World Center Marriott

Zero food miles: Hyper-local farming catches on in a big way

HyCube system supports dining outlets at Orlando, Fla., hotel

The Orlando World Center Marriott in Orlando, Fla., recently debuted a modular hydroponic vegetable production system dubbed the HyCube, which was developed in partnership with Eco Convergence Group Inc.

Located in a stunning illuminated structure next to the hotel’s main kitchen, the HyCube is used to grow produce for the nine dining outlets at the hotel, as well as for banquet services. It also serves as a backdrop for a “Harvest Terrace” that serves diners at the hotel’s Latitude & Longitude, as well as events.

Crops include lettuce, baby spinach, arugula, herbs, microgreens and other leafy greens and edible flowers, all grown organically in a rich nutrient solution so there’s no need for soil. The growing system uses 90 percent less water than conventional farming, and it also produces purified water that the hotel plans to bottle and sell at grab-and-go outlets.

“The HyCube is transforming the way produce is sourced for hotels and restaurants,” said Cristian Toma, CEO of Eco Convergence Group, in a statement. “With high consumer demand for clean foods and farm-to-table local sourcing, the HyCube takes it to the highest possible freshness and purity by growing greens hydroponically right on site. Chefs can then pick their produce within steps from the kitchen where the food is being prepared and plated.”

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