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5 new digital menu products to watch

RH editors are always on the lookout for new products. Here are five new approaches to digital menus to cater to your guest's every need. 

eTouchMenu Using their own SmartMenu software, eTouchMenu allows both the customer and the server to interact with the interface in a friendly way. Complete with guided table marketing and a merchandised menu, the software reduces labor costs by eliminating a need for a cashier or server to specifically take orders. Order accuracy is improved as well because information is sent directly to servers and the kitchen, decreasing the time orders take to process for the customer and allowing the kitchen to see exact orders.

Digital Menus, Aptito Have you heard from customers that getting a server’s attention is hard? Aptito’s digital menus aim to solve that problem with an all-in-one fix. Not only do they provide fully customizable services ranging from photos to nutritional information, but they allow the customer to send their order directly to the chef with notes of their preferences. These digital menus, operated on iPads, also allow customers to pay electronically without using a server.

Menuvative Sleek and colorful, left, this tablet menu is cloud-based and intuitive for both the customer and the back of house. Complete with the ability to edit the menu’s design and feel, Menuvative allows the restaurateur to add detailed descriptions, photos, suggested alcohol pairings, dietary restrictions and nutritional information. Turn all your multiple menus into one cohesive experience for the user.

Digital Menu Boards, Stingray With the ability to customize and promote menu items at the push of a button, this technology showcases food items on large boards hanging overhead with crisp images and the abilty to feature limited-time offers. According to Stingray, a business can pay off the cost of the equipment in an average of six to 12 months and increase sales by 3% to 5%.

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