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Scott Gottlich

Scott Gottlich

A recent review by the Dallas Morning News awarded Bijoux restaurant its second five-star review since opening two years ago. Critic Bill Anderson loved everything about Bijoux, particularly chef/ owner Scott Gottlich’s food. “First you revel in the feel-good way he combines New American flavors; later, you ponder the laser intelligence with which many of them were conceived and executed.” The chef’s response: “You either do it right or don’t do it at all.”

That sort of confidence comes from working with the best. Gottlich cut his teeth in Southern California at the famed 40-seat Aubergine under the wildly talented Tim Goodell. There he honed his French cooking technique and the ability to create a finely tuned tasting menu.

After two years at that diminutive restaurant, he switched coasts for the opportunity to cook with Eric Ripert at the legendary Le Bernardin in New York City. As chef de partie on fish, Gottlich observed how a big-time kitchen operation can run smoothly with the proper organization and direction.

Later, Gottlich returned back to California when Goodell asked him to run Aubergine’s kitchen as he pursued other restaurant ventures. Eventually, Gottlich returned home to Dallas where he cooked and consulted before opening his own restaurant with his wife, Gina, who also happens to be the sommelier.

Shortly after Bijoux opened, Bon Appetit named it one of the “Top 10 Hottest New Restaurants in America.” In the wake of all the high praise and culinary stars, Gottlich has spread his wings a bit, taking on the role of culinary director of The Second Floor restaurant at the Dallas Galleria. Clearly, the student is now the master. —Michael Sanson