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Strip Steak with Rigatoni and Gorgonzola Cream

Strip Steak with Rigatoni and Gorgonzola Cream

From: Consulting chef John Doherty, John Doherty Enterprises, New York. Yield: 12 servings.

1 Certified Angus Beef® boneless strip loin

1 gallon red wine beef stock for braising

48 rigatoni, cooked al dente

1 cup bechamel

4 oz. Gorgonzola

to taste, salt and pepper

Clean and cut strip loin by removing vein and splitting strip in half lengthwise; portion into steaks. Braise the vein end in stock until tender; allow to cool in liquid. Remove beef from liquid and reduce to sauce consistency. Reserve 1½ cups for plating. Pull braised beef into shreds and add sauce to bind. Stuff rigatoni with shredded beef and heat in remaining sauce. Create Gorgonzola cream sauce by combining bechamel and Gorgonzola until consistency is smooth. Adjust seasoning.

Season steak and grill to medium rare. Allow to rest. Slice and serve steaks over 4 stuffed rigatonis that have been topped with Gorgonzola cream and braising sauce. If desired, serve with toasted garlic spinach and a roasted plum tomato.