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Portokal Salatasi (Greek Orange Salad)

Portokal Salatasi (Greek Orange Salad)

From: Executive chef Joshua Linton, Ajasteak & Dana Hotel and Spa, Chicago. Yield: 1 salad.

Orange Blossom Dressing:

10 ounces orange juice, fresh

1 tsp. orange blossom water

2 tsp. salt

3 Tbsp. + 2½ tsp. sugar

3 Tbsp. olive oil


1 cup blood orange segments

1 cup navel orange segments

3 Tbsp. kalamata olives, julienne

4 Tbsp. pomegranate seeds

3 Tbsp. red pearl onion, sliced

½ Thai bird chili, finely sliced

4 Tbsp. feta cheese, high quality, crumbled

4 Tbsp. mint, torn (or micro mint sprouts)

For dressing: Puree all ingredients together until well-combined.

For salad: Except for feta and mint, toss all ingredients together gently with dressing. Place ingredients attractively on serving plate and garnish with feta crumbles and torn mint leaves.