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Italian Grilled BLTizza

Italian Grilled BLTizza

PORK ON PIZZA: Grilled BLTizza combines bacon, cheeses, olives, garlic Alfredo sauce and more.

Yield: 12 servings.

3 cups Alfredo Sauce, commercially prepared
3 Tbsp. roasted garlic, minced, commercially prepared

12 Tyson® Bonici® Die-Cut Thin Par Baked crusts, 9", frozen
3 cups red onions, fresh, sliced
3/4 cups black olives, sliced
3 cups Tyson® Crumbled Bacon, frozen
3 cups Asiago cheese, shredded
1 1/2 cups Parmesan cheese, grated
3 cups Mozzarella cheese, shredded
12 cups arugula salad greens, fresh, commercially packaged
4 cups grape tomatoes, fresh, halved
1 1/2 cups herbed balsamic vinaigrette, commercially prepared

Combine Alfredo Sauce and roasted garlic in a bowl and whisk to blend. Cover and chill to hold.

To assemble single serving; Grill mark 1 frozen pizza crust for 1 minute on each side. Remove from grill. Place on oiled baking sheet or pizza pan.

Spread 1/4 cup reserved Alfredo sauce evenly over crust. Top with 1/4 cup onion slices, 1 Tbsp. olives, 1/4 cup bacon, 1/4 cup Asiago cheese, 2 Tbsp. Parmesan and 1/4 cup Mozzarella.

Bake in a preheated convection oven at 375°F for 5-7 minutes or until crust is golden and cheese is melted. Remove from oven. Slice into wedges and portion on plate.

Combine 1 cup arugula, 1/3 cup tomatoes and 2 Tbsp. vinaigrette in small bowl and toss to blend. Portion in center of pizza. Serve immediately.