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Chipotle Papas Con Pollo

Chipotle Papas Con Pollo

Yield: 24 1-cup servings.

2 Tbsp. vegetable oil
3 cups green bell peppers, cut into strips
1 lb. onions, cut into half slices
2 cups corn, canned, drained
1 Tbsp. cumin, ground
6 cups chicken, mesquite-grilled, shredded
1 cup prepared salsa (medium to spicy, as desired)
2 qts. hot water (125°F to 145°F)
1 carton Regional Recipe Chipotle Cheddar Potato Bake
3 Tbsp. butter
3 cups sour cream
2 Tbsp. chipotles in adobo sauce, minced
3 cups queso cotija (añejo), crumbled (or Parmesan cheese, shredded)
2 cups green onions, sliced

Preheat convection oven to 325°F ( conventional oven to 400°). Heat oil in skillet. Add peppers, onions, corn, and cumin; sautè until onions are tender. Stir in chicken and salsa.

Pour hot water into 3-quart pitcher. Whisk potato bake sauce mix and butter into hot water. Place shreds in 2" deep fullsize steamtable pan. Pour water and sauce mixture over shreds; stir well. Stir in chicken mixture. Bake 40-45 minutes (conventional oven, 45-50 minutes). Let sit 10 minutes before cutting pan 6x4.

Mix sour cream and chipotles. Top each serving with sour cream mixture, cotija cheese, and green onions.

Photo Credit: Basic American Foods