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Morning Meals

Breakfast and brunch call for creative menu items that entice customers to try new tastes. For instance, the seven Cosí locations in Chicago recently launched the Cosí Squagel, a square bagel that comes in 10 flavors, including Asiago, cinnamon raisin, and fruit. Another new menu item is the Egg Frittata sandwich.

Other restaurants are waking up their customers’ tastes with fruits and vegetables. Consider the Blueberry Breakfast Salad served at Lynn’s Paradise Cafe in Louisville, Kentucky, and the Turkey Apple Scramble served at Lied Conference Center at Arbor Farm in Nebraska City, Nebraska. You’ll find both items on our recipe pages. Another flavorful recipe we’re providing, one rich with vegetables, is the Garden Variety Omelet served at Ann Sather Restaurants in Chicago.

Brunch inspirations are branching out at restaurants, too. Among this month’s recipes, look for executive chef Gustar "Gus" Martin’s Veal Grillades with Andouille/Goat Cheese Grits, served at the Palace Cafe in New Orleans. Also, executive chef Omar Ferpen of the Kohler Grand Hotel in Rochester, Minnesota, shares his recipe for Stuffed Portabellas with Artichokes, Crab and Spinach.

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