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Chocoholic Cannolis

Chocoholic Cannolis

Yield: 1 serving.

1 cup ricotta cheese, regular

¾ cup Snicker's® Bar, crushed, ½", frozen

4 Tbsp. confectioner's sugar

2 cannoli shells, prepared

2 dollops whipped cream

¼ cup Snicker's® Bar, crushed, ½", frozen

1 oz. chocolate sauce

1 oz. caramel sauce

Place ricotta, ¾ cup crushed Snicker's® Bar and sugar into food processor fitted with metal blade. Blend 20 seconds. Reserve filling refrigerated.

Fill each cannoli shell with equal parts of reserved filling. Lay filled cannolis side-by-side on dessert plate. Pipe 1 dollop of whipped cream beside outside portion of each cannoli. Sprinkle tops of cannolis and plate with ¼ cup crushed Snicker's® Bar garnish. Drizzle entire dessert and plate with both sauces. Serve immediately.