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Beef-Simmered Rice and Mushroom Side Dish

Beef-Simmered Rice and Mushroom Side Dish

Yield: 12 servings.

½ cup olive oil

½ cup balsamic vinegar

½ cup soy sauce

3 cups thickly sliced mushrooms, any variety

3 cups beef stock

2 cups long grain or parboiled rice

2 Tbsp. butter

1 cup chopped scallion

In bowl, whisk together oil, vinegar and soy sauce. Add mushrooms and toss to coat well. Let stand at least 30 minutes before using as directed.

In large saucepan, heat stock over medium heat to boiling. Stir in rice, bring to a simmer, reduce heat, cover and cook 18-20 minutes until stock is absorbed. Rice will be drier than normal.

In large skillet, heat butter over medium heat. Drain mushrooms and add to butter in skillet; saute until tender and mushrooms release liquids. Add scallion and saute an additional 1 minutes. Stir in rice and stir to coat.

Serve ½ cup rice mixture with strips of London broil, flank steak or grilled sirloin.