Johnny Vinczencz, Executive Chef, Astor Place Bar & Grill, Miami Beach, FL
Andrew Lansing, President and Chief Operating Officer of The Levy Restaurants, Chicago, IL
Brendt Sterling Rogers, Pastry Chef, Tatou, NYC
Reginald Fils-Aime, Vice President, Marketing, Panda Management Co., South Pasadena, CA
James Coleman, Executive Chef, Treetops Restaurant, The Rittenhouse Hotel, Philadelphia, PA
Rick Federico, President, P.F. Changs China Bistro, Phoenix, AZ
Takashi Yagihashi, Executive Chef, Tribute, Farmington Hills, MI
Susan Frasca, President, CEO and Sole Proprietor, Frasca Hospitality Group, Chicago, IL
Matthew Lake, Chef, New Heights Restaurant, Washington, D.C.
Barbara Barret, President, Triple Creek Ranch, Darby, MT