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This week's top 10: The CDC releases new guidelines, Momofuku group closes two locations, the new socially distant restaurant

Even more bars and restaurants across the country announce permanent closures, Hillstone changes its anti-face mask policy and more trending news from the past week.

This week, restaurants looked to what a post-coronavirus world will be. Some restaurants decided to shutter permanently fearing financial strain while others used interesting strategies to reopen and social distance, all while following new CDC guidelines.

The CDC released its updated guidelines for reopening restaurant dining rooms and bars this week. They include intensified cleaning and heightened employee protocols around any sick workers.

Some restaurants have begun to reopen with inventive and interesting social distancing plans. From blow up dolls to pandas to pods to mannequins, restaurants are making the 6ft dining experience an entertaining one.

On the other side, some restaurants have begun to add COVID-19 surcharges onto customer bills to account for the supply chain and labor cost of operating delivery-only as a way to financially survive. One restaurant in Michigan cited the rising costs in beef, mainly due to the beef shortage and the closure of meat plants.

Others, however, are not trying to survive anymore. There was another wave of restaurants announcing permanent closure plans this week, the biggest among them were two of David Chang's Momofuku Group restaurants in Washington D.C. and NYC. 

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