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Thomas Keller’s TAK Room, José Andrés’ Bazaar and Somni, The Fat Radish and 15 other restaurants we’re mourning

New York, California, Wisconsin and Massachusetts all saw well-known restaurants close in cities this month

There have been an abundance of restaurant closures this month — 18 that we’ve tracked so far.

From restaurants helmed by famous chefs, including José Andrés and Thomas Keller, to big flashy locations losing resident restaurants like Hudson Yards in New York City, this month has seen some giants fall.

New York City and San Francisco were the two biggest losers this month with each seeing more big-name restaurants shutter than any other city. The failed concepts range from Chinese and farm-to-table, to diners and fine-dining spots.

Most of the fallen restaurants cited COVID-19 directly, or disputes with landlords related to the pandemic, as the reasons for closures. One small chain, Mr. Bing’s, blamed customers’ irrational fear of Chinese restaurants at the beginning of the pandemic.

This month’s closures list include a two-Michelin-star restaurant and a James Beard Award-winning concept.

See the restaurants we’re mourning this month.

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