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Spotted: Sweet tools to craft pastries and candy at your restaurant

Spotted: Sweet tools to craft pastries and candy at your restaurant  

Ateco Revolving Cake Stand — Perfectly decorate cakes by perching them on this revolving cake stand (pictured above). It’s crafted of durable materials like a cast-iron base with a powder coat finish. To stabilize your creation, the stand comes with a non-slip pad. When cleaning the stand, don’t immerse it in water.

Silpat U.S. Full-Size Baking Mat — This non-stick baking mat is a staple for pastry chefs. While the product has been around for decades, its maker continues to innovate around sustainable production practices. Made of fiberglass mesh and food-grade silicone, Silpat ensures that nothing will stick to your baking sheet, and even helps produce a more professional-looking confection.


Escali Round Professional Digital Scale — An essential tool for all bakers, this digital scale is easy to use with its two-button operation. It also includes a tare feature, automatic shut-off and a removable platform. Available in metallic, red and black colors, the scale is NSF certified. 


BonJour Chefs Torch with Fuel Gauge — A handheld torch is essential to creating crème brûlée, but it also functions as a multipurpose kitchen product. It can additionally be used to brown meringue or melt cheese atop a soup, for instance. Use it for a range of sweet and savory applications.

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