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CAKE offers restaurant management systems.

Spotted: Financial tools to get your year in order

CAKE — Part of Sysco, CAKE offers full-scale restaurant management systems (pictured above) for limited- and full-service operators. For instance, the POS designed for full-service restaurants can send orders directly to the kitchen, monitor key stock items, and seamlessly split checks. Additionally, an integration of the Guest Manager and POS platforms can help maximize table turns.

Revel POS — Revel offers a full-service POS system with specific financial tools that can benefit restaurant operators. Flexible payment options allow for splitting customer bills, easily managing bar tabs and smooth payment processing. Users can also securely switch to EMV and integrate with QuickBooks.


Wave — Four major branches of business are covered by Wave’s products: accounting, invoicing, payments and payroll. Accounting software lets users connect all their accounts and can ease the pain of tax season. Invoicing syncs with accounting and offers ready-made templates. And payroll and payments can smooth financial interactions with staff and guests.

Gusto — Gusto focuses on payroll, benefits and HR services for small businesses. Employers can choose from a variety of health insurance plans, as well as a 401K for workers, commuter benefits and flexible spending accounts. The HR feature also helps to seamlessly onboard new employees: Gusto says customers save two hours with its process.


AccountEdge — AccountEdge specializes in products for small businesses. This desktop software suite is ideal for Mac users, and offers tools to make sales and purchases, track inventory and manage contacts. New features include serialized inventory and improved bank statement importing.

MarketMan — MarketMan offers inventory control and procurement software online, on mobile and on tablets. The software can make inventory counts, place and receive orders, scan invoices, build recipes and generate reports around profitability. The company says benefits include time savings, consolidation of sending purchase orders and the ability to integrate with existing networks. There's also mobile invoice scanning, which lets users snap a photo of an invoice so the software can extract the data.

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