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New York City’s Augustine, Los Angeles’ Patina, Trois Mec, Broken Spanish, and other restaurants we’re mourning this month

From Michelin-starred restaurants to local eateries, here are the latest restaurant closures during the coronavirus pandemic

In this midsummer edition of restaurant closures, we see coronavirus wreak havoc on Los Angeles’ dining scene while New York and New Orleans lose long-loved restaurants to the financial hardships brought on by the pandemic.

Within the span of a single week, Los Angeles took some massive hits to its post-coronavirus food scene.

Broken Spanish, Trois Mec, Dong II Jang, Jun Won and Patina, with over 100 years of combined business and a Michelin star, all closed for good.

Two Koreatown spots closed permanently, harkening back to the fears of racism many Asian restaurants faced in January and February as the coronavirus pandemic first began.

Some restaurants, like fine-dining spot Trois Mec, didn’t think they could operate as to-go restaurants.

“Unfortunately, Trois Mec is not a to-go experience,” said chef Ludo Lefebvre.

In the case of Broken Spanish, the “modern Mexican” restaurant that opened across from the convention center five years ago, chef/owner Ray Garcia has found a new way to cook: virtual restaurants.

Garcia announced his delivery-only concept, MILA, before the permanent closure of Broken Spanish. He told Eater, “having extra square footage right now isn’t a benefit.”

If Garcia’s situation is any indication of trendy and long-time institutions across major metropolitan cities, then we may see versions of these once-loved restaurants open without a storefront.

See which restaurants permanently closed their doors this month.

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