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Danny Meyer temporarily closes some USHG restaurants, requires boosters for employees and customers

Customers will be required to have a booster to dine with the company as of Jan. 24; employees must be boosted immediately

Restaurateur Danny Meyer announced Wednesday that he would require all employees of his Union Square Hospitality Group to be get a booster dose of a COVID-19 vaccine immediately, and all customers to have a booster by Jan. 24 to dine with them.

It was one of the first companies to require employees and diners to be vaccinated in September.

Seven of 18 USHG restaurants have also temporarily closed as the omicron variant of coronavirus wreaks havoc on New York City: Gramercy Tavern, Union Square Cafe, The Modern, Marta, Ci Siamo, Intersect by Lexus and Porchlight. They are expected to resume service on or before Dec. 29, according to the company.

While units are closed this month, USHG will obtain COVID test kits.

New York City has seen record numbers and rates of people testing positive for COVID-19 in recent days, with lines at testing centers being hours long. The city was also the epicenter of the virus in March 2020.

Schools have begun to shut down, including neighboring New York University, while the city has reinstated its masking requirement for indoor spaces that do not require vaccinations. New York City has required proof of vaccination for indoor dining since August.

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