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10 Thoughts from Simon Stojanovic

10 Thoughts from Simon Stojanovic

  1. One thing you don't know about me is that I come from the land Down Under.

  2. If I could trade places with one chef it would be Anthony Bourdain. He gets to travel and experience the culinary world.

  3. One of my most memorable meals was the 12-course dinner I had with my wife at Gotham Steak in Miami. The reason it was so memorable was because everything was done right, from the food to the service; never mind that we spent about $200 just on dessert wine.

  4. If there was no Vegemite, I'd have no reason to live.

  5. My go-to drink is Johnny Walker Black on the rocks.

  6. If I were on death row my last meal would be meat pie from home.

  7. My worst culinary creation was a beef stew I made at a restaurant in England. I tried to make an Indian spiced kind of curry, but it was so bad the staff wouldn't even eat it.

  8. If I could change one thing about me it would be … hmmm, maybe a better photographer?

  9. My favorite junk food is my wife's banana bread.

  10. If I wasn't a restaurant operator, I'd love to be a photographer. Photography requires the same eye as food. You have to have some artistic value.

Simon Stojanovic graduated from culinary school in Perth, Australia, eventually made his way to the U.S. and joined Michael Schwartz at Nemo and later as opening sous chef at Michael's Genuine Food & Drink. He is chef at the new AltaMare in Miami Beach.

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