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Good News Ahead: Go For It

The glass may seem about 7/8ths empty these days, but let’s take a moment to appreciate the small libation that is in fact available to us this October. We may actually use the term “good news” to describe the perfect sextile between Mars and Mercury as we begin the month. Cheers, eh?

Briefly, Mars represents personal action in astrology and Mercury is personal thought. The sextile, which is an angle of 60 degrees between two planets, is a particularly favorable aspect in business as it represents opportunity. Keep in mind that the big stuff, some of which we will address in a bit here, is not going to go away. But this is a month in which you have the blessing of the universe to add a bit of swagger in planning and executing the small and local stuff. The introduction of a new appetizer, or a modest goodwill act of neighborliness, or the purchase of a functional electronic device has the potential for bringing at least a small sense of satisfaction and accomplishment, and the cosmic advice here is ‘go for it.’

Okay, so what about real money? You don’t need a soothsayer to tell you that this remains an area of concern right now, although frankly October’s financial indications are far from the year’s worst. The emphasis right now is not so much on the top line, however, as it is on maintenance, repair and capital improvements.

As the month begins we find difficult old Saturn sitting precisely at the bottom of the chart. Saturn represents the problems we must confront and almost always implies trial and tribulation. In the current forecast he is sitting at the most sensitive point possible when it comes to the physical plant of any business. As confirmed by several other planetary icons in the chart, Saturn is announcing that all of the necessary facilities care that has been tabled in the name of cost cutting is about to get right up into your grill…and negatively into the experiential awareness of your employees and customers.

Even here the news is not entirely dire, though, because the asteroid Ceres is in the hood. This benefic nature goddess, parked in the same neighborhood as Saturn right now, is offering a kind of conceptual salvation having to do with virtues of green and simple and earthy. Whether you are on the bandwagon or not, keep in mind that fresh and natural and local-source carry a kind of earnest peasant glow about them…a rusticity that laughs in the face of luxe designer decor.

Finally, it has to be mentioned that the planet Uranus is sitting at the very top of this month’s chart. The top of the chart represents the leadership of an enterprise, and Uranus stands for sudden change. A word to the wise…

Steven Mark Weiss is a career foodservice trade journalist, consultant and author with a confessed addiction to messing around with astrology. His astrologically-themed books include ‘Signs of Taste’ and ‘Signs of Success.’ He cosmically blogs on business matters at