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A Wisconsin supper club opens in Brooklyn

The Turks Inn is reimagined with a Millennial pink twist

A Wisconsin supper club opened in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn, N.Y. last week and is ready to add some Midwestern charm to the burgeoning neighborhood.

The Turk’s Inn is a near replica of Wisconsin restaurant that first opened 85 years ago, though there are new iterations, such as a Donor Kebab takeout window, designed in a Memphis Milano style, keeping with a mid-century theme and inspired by fast food restaurants of the ‘60s. The outpost is a Millennial pink counter attached to the restaurant and only accessible by a window on the street. It features a menu of kebabs ranging from lamb to halloumi.

The Sultan room, attached on the opposite side of Doner Kebab, is an adjacent music venue with a gold-plated door and a lineup of up-and-coming musical acts.

See the colorful restaurant and learn more about the history here.

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