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Boston’s newest plant-based fast-casual restaurant Lulu Green features an adaptogen-packed Mediterranean menu

Using nutritional science, two former Whole Foods execs developed a healthful menu of organic ingredients and functional beverages

The vegan scene in Boston is about to become a whole lot more colorful with the official opening of Lulu Green this week. The health-focused fast-casual restaurant, whose name means “remarkably green,” features a Middle Eastern flavored menu and a drink bar heavy on adaptogens.

But Lulu Green isn’t just another vegan restaurant. This one comes with a side of science.

Mary Lattouf and executive chef Brian Corbley, two of the founders, were menu development executives for Whole Foods Market for years before leaving to form their own company. Along with Lattouf’s sister, Nada Lattouf, a physicist and pharmacist, they created Lulu Green to blend their expertise in wellness and plant-based eating with their passion for delicious, comforting Mediterranean foods.

The concept is built around the belief that “you don’t have to sacrifice deliciousness on the altar of nutrition,” the company said in a statement.

The result is a menu of functional beverages, or those purported to boost the immune system and help the body fight off the effects of stress. Adaptogens — ingredients purported to treat multiple ailments — are featured heavily on Lulu Green’s drink menu, including lion’s mane mushroom, chaga mushroom, ashwaghanda, and reishi mushrooms. CBD can also be added to any smoothie.

In a “Superfoods 101” guide on its website, Lulu Green details more than 40 additional ingredients, complete with their scientific names and reported health benefits.

“Don’t let all of this healthy talk throw you off,” Mary Lattouf said in a statement, “Our food is for vegans, vegetarians, and carnivores alike — made by people who love to eat, for people who love to eat.”

0153.JPGThe restaurant, which seats 25, is open all-day serving breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner from a menu centered around Middle Eastern flavors, including za’atar, skhug, tahini and dates. Sesame kaak bagels, hummus toast and vegan coconut yogurt parfaits are on the breakfast menu while a barbequed cauliflower sandwich, fattoush salad, and zucchini noodles with kale pesto and smoked mushrooms are available later in the day.

All of the baked goods are prepared with the help of Andrew Platt of The Biscuit bakery in Somerville, Mass. They range from Savory Jalapeño Scones to Turkish Coffee Cardamom-Cherry Muffins.

Dine-in customers use real plates and silverware while the takeout packaging is sustainable, carbon-neutral and PFA-free. The restaurant’s furniture was made in partnership with local artisans utilizing green and renewable materials.

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