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6 new or growing breakfast and brunch concepts

The morning meal is an all-day traffic driver

If the breakfast daypart had a brand identity, its new tagline might be: anything goes, all day long.  

Indeed, menu experts such as Datassential are finding that consumer interest in breakfast foods and beverages, both before and after noon, is on the rise.  Additionally, consumers’ definition of what’s for breakfast is expanding.

According to Datassential’s recent Breakfast Keynote report, today’s breakfast menus are just as likely to include items that are sweet, savory or even both, and they are increasingly likely to include ingredients or dishes sourced from around the globe. For example, some of the fastest growing breakfast items are fried chicken sandwiches, shakshuka, tostadas and breakfast bowls.

Breakfast and brunch concepts are a growing niche. Here are six new or growing concepts that are embracing consumers’ widening definitions of — and all-day cravings for — breakfast.

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