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DannyMeyerTwitterChat.jpg Ellen Silverman

Danny Meyer answers burning questions on Twitter

The prolific restaurateur hosts a live Twitter chat

Danny Meyer has made his Union Square Hospitality Group an industry leader for its workforce policies, service style and cuisine. So popular are the group’s concepts that its Union Square Cafe is the most-tweeted-about restaurant, according to @TwitterFood. Taking both of those factors into consideration, Meyer hosted a Twitter chat hashtagged #AskDannyMeyer on Wednesday to answer questions from industry members, fans and followers. Here are five highlights from the live Twitter chat:

1. Has Hospitality Included been a success?

2. What would you focus on if you were starting over today?

3. Whom do you prioritize: Customers or employees? 

4. How do you balance staff pay with the high cost of living where many USHG restaurants operate? 

5. What inspires you about the Flatiron District, where USHG got its start? 

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