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26 operators support California fire recovery with ChefsGiving promotions

Week-long fundraiser aids the recovery effort

During ChefGiving, a charitable event spanning Nov. 13-19, restaurants are pledging a portion of proceeds to raise funds for people in need of temporary and long-term housing after being displaced by the fires in Northern California’s wine country.

All of the Chefsgiving donations will go to the Tipping Point Emergency Relief Fund, which supports low-income communities affected by the fires, and Restaurants Care, an emergency assistance fund for those working in the restaurant industry. Here are some of the ChefsGiving specials.

Correction: November 16, 2017
This gallery has been updated to indicate that E&O Kitchen and Bar gave away a percentage of its proceeds on Nov. 15. An earlier version had an incorrect date. The update also corrected Park Cafe Group’s contribution to ChefsGiving.
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