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Waves For Teenage Workforce Success

By Ken Whiting; WFS Publishing, $19.95

We're thinking all we have to do is type in the subtitle of this book — “How To Recruit, Educate, Motivate and Retain Today's Teens” — and half of the RH audience is going to order their copy immediately. No wonder. Whiting has a dandy career as a training expert who helps clients deal with what is politely called “entry-level workforce challenges,” and he certainly has hit on a hot-button topic for restaurant operators here. Some of his advice is timeless; other parts have been specifically fine-tuned to deal with the work ethic of the instant messaging- and texting-crazy generation now applying to, and being hired at, restaurants just like yours. It's priceless stuff that will help you cope with what is a huge and never-ending problem for many operators. Caution: This one could be hard to find. Head to or to get your copy.