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Veal Cobb Salad

INGREDIENTS:2 slices basil bread toasted on griddle with basil butter
4 Tbsp. chipotle mayonnaise
3 oz. blue cheese or Roquefort
2 oz. pitted olives
2 slices tomato
2 oz. mixed lettuces
1 oz. lemon vinaigrette, prepared
4 slices bacon
3 slices veal loin, 1 ½ oz. each, pounded thin
3 hard-cooked quail eggs
skewers with tomato, olive, caper berry and pepper
as needed, salt and pepper
as needed, for veal marinade: olive oil, cumin, rosemary and pepperDIRECTIONS:Marinate veal with pepper, cumin, olive oil and rosemary. Grill veal, keeping it medium-rare. Toss the mixed lettuces in lemon vinaigrette.

Build salad as follows: grilled bread, 1 piece of veal, 1 slice of tomato, dressed mixed greens, 2 slices of bacon, grilled bread, 1 piece of veal, 1 slice of tomato, 2 slices of bacon and remaining piece of veal. Top with chipotle dressing. Garnish plate with blue cheese, olives and quail eggs.SERVINGS:1 servingFrom:Executive chef David Burke and chef de cuisine Neil Murphy, Park Avenue Cafe, New York CityPHOTO CREDIT:Photo Credit: THE VEAL COMMITTEE