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Coffee Concoctions

3/4 oz. Torani Raspberry
3/4 oz. Torani Coconut
1 oz. Torani Chocolate Mocha Flavoring Syrup
8 oz. cold milk
2 shots espresso
for topping, whipped cream

Cappuccino Nut
This is a cool coffee-flavored drink.
3 ½ oz. Island Oasis Cappuccino
3/4 oz. Frangelico
3/4 oz. Bailey's Irish Cream

Spanish Latte:
1 cup (8 oz.) strong coffee
1 Tbsp. chocolate syrup
1 tsp. orange peel, fresh, grated
¼ tsp. cinnamon
2/3 cup Chocolate Almond Breeze(tm) (non-dairy beverage)
non-dairy whipped topping (optional)DIRECTIONS:For the Coco Berry:
Steam milk and syrups together and add espresso. Top with whipped cream and serve in a 12-oz. cup.

For the Cappuccino Nut:
Blend ingredients with 7 oz. of ice. Serve in a 12-oz. hurricane-style cocktail glass.

For the Spanish Latte:
Mix coffee, chocolate, orange peel and cinnamon together. Froth Chocolate Almond Breeze until hot and foamy. Pour over coffee. Top with whipped topping and sprinkle with additional orange peel. (Orange extract can be added to intensify orange flavor.)SERVINGS:1 servingFrom:The Coco Berry: Carly Beede, Caffe Calabria, San Diego, Calif.PHOTO CREDIT:Photo Credit: BLUE DIAMOND