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New on the Menu: A ceviche tostada and a lobster grilled cheese

Plus Haitian octopus, a Japanese pancake and a cocktail made with avocado pits

Since it’s Earth Day, it does make sense to present an upcycled ingredient — in this case avocado pits that are made into orgeat at Greens Restaurant in San Francisco. Beverage director Seth Corr, perhaps surprisingly, isn’t the only person making avocado-pit orgeat. It’s a bit of a trend, actually.

So are lobster grilled cheese sandwiches, but at Cheeca Lodge & Spa on Islamorada, Fla., chef Charlie Trexel adds even more richness by using brie as his cheese, and lightens it up with aïoli made from local Key limes.

You might not expect octopus with Haitian flavors in Milford, N.H., but it’s available at Greenleaf restaurant, headed up by chef Chris Viaud.

A bit farther south in New York City, Bryce Shuman is doing his own take (by adding apples) of a Hiroshima-style pancake at GG Tokyo, and at a’Verde in Cary, N.C., chef Katsuji Tanabe presents a tostada topped with ahi tuna ceviche in a style he says is pretty common in Mexico City.

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