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New on the Menu: A sweetbread corndog and fried chicken curry

Plus Chinese noodles with Australian lamb, Peruvian fried rice with duck, and a rum cocktail with seaweed and sesame

Chaufa is a Peruvian version of fried rice, possibly named for the Chinese version, which in mandarin Chinese is pronounced chao fan. At Gingerline in Charleston, S.C., executive chef Taylor Cunningham makes it with kumquats and duck confit.

Zhajiangmian is a Chinese dish that literally means “deep-fried sauce noodles,” even though it is traditionally made with bean paste that is sautéed, not deep-fried. At Win Son in Brooklyn, N.Y., chef and co-founder Trigg Brown takes a similar approach, and augments it with spiced braised lamb.

Elsewhere in Brooklyn, at Sama Street, head bartender David Muhs uses tahini, nori, and cacao nibs to infuse different types of alcohol for a cocktail called A Long Kiss Goodnight, while in San Antonio chef J.C. Rodriguez is serving a fried chicken curry that’s popular in the Carolinas.

And in Chicago, at Pippin’s Tavern, chef Amanda Barnes was struck by the similarities of the texture of a hot dog and sweetbreads, and decided to put the latter in a corndog.

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