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New on the Menu: Squash chawanmushi and a tropical banana sundae

Plus a high-end variation of the PB&J, a mac & cheese mashup and cocktail inspired by mythical creatures

How do you make a cocktail based on the terrifying bird-women of classical mythology? It’s unclear, but beverage curator Jesse Cyr is giving it a try at the Olympic Bar in Seattle.

How do you make a $16 version of a PB&J? With love, patience and a prime location in New York City, such as El Condor in the West Village.

Elsewhere in New York, in Brooklyn Heights, mac & cheese gets a makeover at Vineapple Café, with the help of black pepper, Parmesan cream sauce and prosciutto.

In Washington D.C., at Cranes, Pepe Moncayo is serving up a vegetarian chawanmushi — with fermented butternut squash and rayu oil — as part of his $118 omakase.

And elsewhere in D.C., Bammy and Milk Cult worked together to make a banana-heavy ice cream sundae with fried bananas and sauce like the syrup in sticky toffee pudding inspired by frozen desserts of the Caribbean.

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Correction: March 16, 2022
An error in the name of the Almond Butter & Jelly Club at El Condor has been corrected.
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