New on the Menu

New on the Menu: Seafood sliders, watermelon salad and spiced green beans

Plus a deconstructed paella and cheesecake in cotton candy

Two rooftop restaurants are showing that they have more than nice views. At Ampia Rooftop & Restaurant in New York City, guests can enjoy a trio of seafood sliders, and at MILA in Miami Beach, Fla., they can sample a salad of compressed watermelon in yuzu foam over couscous.

In Houston, at Mutiny Wine Room, chef Eduardo Alcayaga is serving braised and grilled octopus with all the components of Paella Valenciana, including the crunchy rice at the bottom of the paella pan called socarrat,  plus a smoky spice blend from his native Chile.

Smoked spice is also the theme of the green beans that are a sharable plate at Oaken Bistro & Bar in Lake Forest, Ill., and not far away in Chicago, at Yugen, a citrusy dessert that’s part of the tasting menu includes kumquat-blood orange marmalade, candied orange peel and lemon ice cream spiced with shishito peppers, as well as cheesecake and orange cotton candy.

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