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New on the Menu

New on the menu: Lentil-cashew hummus, roasted sunchokes, and many types of pork

Restaurant Hospitality looks at new and innovative food and beverage items trending across the independent restaurant landscape

Vegetables are getting more and more special treatments on menus, such as the Brad Kilgore’s roasted sunchokes at Ember in Miami, which are served over traditional hummus flavored with the sesame condiment tahini.

Non-traditional hummus can be found at Mad Social in Chicago, where chef Josh Salmeron makes it with lentils and cashews instead of chickpeas.

But there’s plenty of new meat dishes on menus, particularly pork, often paired with seafood in unusual surf-and-turf preparations.

In Columbus, Ohio, at The Market Italian Village, Tyler Minnis adds mortadella sausage to a mussels-and-mustard dish, while at Mercado Little Spain in New York City, high-end jamón Ibérico de bellota is paired with high-end sea urchin in a humble tripe stew.

Meanwhile, in Las Vegas, at Ferraro’s Italian Restaurant & Wine Bar, chef Francesco DiCaudo is offering another humble pork dish, head cheese, as an appetizer with beets and celery.

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