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New on the Menu: Lamb pastrami and Nagoya beef stew

Plus an ‘Everything’ Gimlet, an Indian quinoa bowl and confit fried chicken

The sensation that is ‘Everything’ spice — the garlic, onion, poppyseeds, sesame seeds and salt that used to only coat ‘Everything’ bagels but now seems to be used on, well, everything — continues its takeover of the universe by now appearing in a cocktail at The Breakfast Club in Hollywood, where it doesn’t just rim the glass it’s served in but is also used to make bitters.

Quinoa bowls also continue to spread. They can be found at Bhoomi in Urbanspace Washington, a new food hall in Chicago, where they’re cooked like Indian pulao.

In New York, guests and Chikarashi Isso can enjoy the miso-rich beef stew from chef Hideaki Kobayashi’s hometown of Nagoya, Japan, and in Las Vegas guests at The Venetian Resort can enjoy a hoagie made with lamb pastrami.

And at The Citizen in the panhandle community of Alys Beach, Fla., guests can enjoy an upscale version of chicken and hoppin’ John served with a red eye jus made with cold brew coffee.

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