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New on the Menu: A kimchi Caesar salad and celery root Milanese

Plus springtime duck, rolled baklava and a plum negroni

Strawberries are always a popular springtime fruit, but they seem to be trending even more so than usual this year, as can be seen at Little D’s in Asheville, N.C., where two different preparations of the berry accompany a crispy skinned duck breast.

Plum, specifically Japanese plum infused into shochu, is a distinguishing characteristic of The Idol’s Eye, a Negroni variation at Japanese steakhouse Queen Miami Beach.

The Brooklyn Botanic Garden is the inspiration behind the celery root Milanese at Yellow Magnolia Café, which is in the garden. The breaded and fried vegetable is topped with seasonal and pickled produce.

Kimchi is the inspiration of the Caesar Salad at Noko Nashville, which opened in March, where the traditional dressing is replaced by one with Korean chile paste and powder, but the anchovies are still there.

And for dessert there’s Saragli, a type of rolled baklava, available at Kosmos in Walpole, Mass., between Providence and Boston, where it’s topped with olive oil ice cream.

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Correction: May 12, 2023
This gallery has been updated to specify the aromatics in the court-bouillon used for the celery root Milanese at Yellow Magnolia Cafe.
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