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New on the Menu

New on the Menu: Items made just for takeout and delivery from restaurants

Creative items from Alinea, Clinton Hall, PHX Beer Co., Mission Taco and Thyme Bar

Restaurants show ingenuity even in the worst of times. As operators are forced by regulation, common sense or both to close their dining rooms, they are thinking of clever ways to continue serving their customers.

Alinea, Grant Achatz’ and Nick Kokonas’ temple to creative fine dining in Chicago, has pivoted to offering reasonably priced but still cheffed up comfort food for guests to heat up and eat at home.

Clinton Hall in New York City understands that its customers can’t eat, drink and play games in their beer halls, but its selling all of those things for people to enjoy in their own homes.

Mission Taco Joint in St. Louis has assembled meal packages of meat, tortillas and all the fixin’s needed to make tacos at home.

Along similar lines, PHX Beer Co. in Scottsdale, Ariz., is making family-sized meal packages like wings and salads for visitors to pick up and go.

Thyme Bar in New York City has made use of a new special dispensation from the state liquor authority that allows restaurants to deliver cocktails, as long as they’re sealed and delivered with food. Thus was the Quarantini born.

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