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New on the Menu: Coffee rubbed lamb chops and butternut squash lasagna

Plus a chicken-and-yogurt flatbread, octopus with black garlic and a soup made of leftovers

Cross-utilization has always been an important part of running professional kitchens, and that’s more the case than ever with labor shortages, supply chain issues and narrowing margins. So Jeb Aldrich, the chef of Brasserie La Banque in Charleston, S.C., takes trim from his foie gras torchon and leftover duck bones and makes a $17 soup.

At Lumin Skybar in Columbus, Ohio, shreds of roasted, spiced chicken are combined with yogurt and cheese to make a very popular flatbread.

In Brooklyn, N.Y., at Sereneco, possibly the only restaurant in the country with an Esperanto name, octopus is dressed up with black garlic purée and shaved baby fennel.

Coffee-rubbed meat is not a particularly new concept, but Phillip Thompson of Gala in Aventura, Fla., adds Caribbean regionality to it by specifying Cuban coffee in his rub, and making it a bit more elegant by using rack of lamb.

And at Culinary Dropout, a Fox Restaurant Concepts venue, director of culinary Taylor Domet offers a rich vegetarian option in the form of butternut squash lasagna.

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