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New on the menu: Cherry blossom salmon and vegan Salisbury steak

Plus Tete de Moine cheese and truffles, pork with scallion pancakes, and a marshmallow Old Fashioned

The cherry blossom festival is underway in our Nation’s Capital, which in 1912 was the beneficiary of a gift of cherry trees from Japan. Kevin Tien, the chef of Moon Rabbit in Washington, D.C., is celebrating by using a Japanese fish called sakura masu, or “cherry blossom salmon,” so-named because it returns home (and is therefore fished and eaten), around the same time that the cherry trees bloom. 

Also in D.C., at Estuary, Ria Montes is serving pork shoulder with sesame scallion pancakes, sort of reflecting her own Asian heritage, although she’s Filipina and scallion pancakes are Chinese. But it’s her heritage, she can reflect it however she likes.

Not that far away in Washington, Va., Bin Lu, the chef of The Restaurant at Blue Rock, is augmenting his tasting menu with a supplemental course of shaved Tete de Moine cheese layered with black truffles. 

Elsewhere in the country, executive chef Charbel Adaimy of Messhall in Los Angeles is dressing vegan Salisbury steak in vegan demiglace, and Miami Beach, Fla., Gary Evangelista, beverage director of the Fontainebleau Miami Beach Hotel, is augmenting an Old Fashioned with a little toasted marshmallow syrup.

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Correction: April 05, 2023
A misspelling of The Fontainebleau Miami Beach has been corrected.
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