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New on the Menu: Caraway chitarra and giant gougères

Plus roasted tuna collar, seared branzino, and a somewhat Halloween-themed cocktail

It’s Halloween season, so it seems appropriate to point out a cocktail named after Iceland’s version of the Ouija board featuring a gin from that country and garnished with birch bark that further reflects Icelandic customs. It was developed by Leanne Favre, Beverage director of Clover Club in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Speaking of Halloween, at Bar La Fête in Birmingham, Ala., pastry chef and owner Kristen Hall and chef and owner Victor King collaborate to make a savory gougère that’s dressed up as a sweet Paris-Brest.

In Boston, at Blue Ribbon Sushi Kenmore Square, chef Dan Bazzinotti shares what he does with bluefin tuna collar when he manages to score some of the prized fish from New England’s waters, and at Tur Kitchen in Coral Gables, Fla, executive chef Christian Chirino pairs branzino with rutabaga.

Finally, at Heirloom in Lewes, Del., owner Meghan Lee and her team do a variation of pasta carbonara by adding caraway seeds to the dough.

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